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Are you feeling lost in a sea of rejections? Wondering what's missing in your flash fiction? Let's navigate this together.

As writers ourselves, we've been in your shoes—staring at a rejection email, searching for answers. We've faced those tough days, questioning our writing abilities. But here's the twist: we're also seasoned editors. We've been on both sides of the submission process and have a wealth of experience to share with you.

Our editorial team has pored over thousands of stories, giving us a deep understanding of why specific stories don't make the cut and what you can do to avoid common pitfalls. We could list every reason for rejection, but there's one powerful solution that covers them all:

Expert feedback from an editor who's seen it all.

Our editors are adept at spotting the clichés, weak endings, and other common mistakes. More importantly, they can pinpoint your strengths and areas for improvement, guiding you toward becoming a more skilled and confident writer.


Your Writing Journey, Amplified

Ever dreamt of writing stories that captivate and linger in readers' minds, transporting them to vivid new worlds or stirring deep emotions? Let's turn that dream into reality.

How We Empower Your Writing

  1. Submit Your Story: Send your flash fiction (300-1000 words) via our dedicated Masters submission form.
  2. Choose Your Editor: Pick the editor you resonate with. Stick with them for consistency, or explore different perspectives with various editors.
  3. Receive In-Depth Feedback: Each submission is carefully analyzed for the following elements:
    1. Strengths: Discover what's working beautifully in your story.
    2. Areas for Improvement: Learn which aspects could shine brighter.
    3. Revision Tips: Get actionable advice for refining your story.
  4. Quick Turnaround: Say goodbye to long waiting periods. Our editors get back to you within seven days, accelerating your growth as a writer.

Check out these feedback examples to see what you can expect:

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Try It For Thirty Days. The First Submission Is on Us!

We prefer to show you how great our feedback is rather than tell you about it. Try it for thirty days, and no hard feelings if it doesn't work out.

Our Promise

Should the Flash Fiction Masters experience fail to meet your expectations, we will promptly refund the entirety of your investment. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind it with confidence.


Meet the Minds Behind Your Edits

Genevieve Allen

Genevieve Allen is from Cornwall in the UK. She enjoys both contemporary and historical literature, and the reimagining of myth and folk stories as well as pieces with an LGBTQ+ focus. She studied creative writing at the University of Gloucestershire and has had her work published in the anthology Smoke, as well as adapted for the stage at the Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham. She is particularly interested in playwriting and likes pieces that are relevant and resonate with audiences. Her fiction work has most recently appeared in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal and Flashback Fiction. She firmly believes a good book is best enjoyed with a cup of tea, and as such, her mug collection is getting rapidly out of control.

Shanna Yetman

Shanna Yetman is an environmental writer and Latina living in Chicago. She enjoys character-driven fiction with a social-justice edge. Her writing has centered on motherhood, and now, the climate crisis and how we can reimagine our planet’s future. Shanna has an MFA in Fiction from the University of Maryland and a BA in English Literature from Wellesley College. She’s an alumna of the Bread Loaf Environmental Writers Conference and has taught at UIC’s Summer Institute on Sustainability and Energy (SISE). Her fiction has appeared in 365tomorrows, DreamForge Anvil, Sky Island Journal, Cheap Pop, MoonPark Review, and the Daily Drunk. She’s placed or won contests with WOW (Women on Writing), Reflex Fiction, and New Millennium Writings. When she’s not writing, she serves on her local school board and tortures her children with long walks through Cook County’s local forest preserves.

Kathleen Danielson

Kathleen Danielson is a fantasy and historical fiction writer from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kathleen has a BA in English from Carleton College, where she also minored in creative writing. In addition to Flash Fiction Magazine, her work has appeared in the Magazine of History and Fiction, and her first fantasy manuscript was a semifinalist for the 2020 University of New Orleans Press Publishing Lab Prize. She is part of the 2024 WriteHive Mentorship Program, for which she is working on a historical fantasy manuscript. When she’s not reading, editing, writing, or trying to stop her cat from walking on her computer keyboard, she is usually bouncing between too many sewing, knitting, embroidery, baking, and painting projects. See what she’s currently writing at kathleendanielson.com.

Kathleen is on X, formerly known as Twitter: @kathleen_writes.

Mathew Channer

Mathew Channer is a writer, editor and journalist currently based in Ontario, Canada, who recently completed his BA with majors in creative writing and journalism. When he is not working on an endless series of speculative fiction stories, he is usually halfway up the side of a mountain, looking for rocks to climb. His fiction and non-fiction have appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine, Deep Wild Journal, Climbing Magazine, Latitudes & Attitudes, and the 2023 anthology It Begins with Us. His best friend is an Alaskan Malamute named Nymeria, who curls up under his desk while he writes. Find him at mathewchanner.com or on social media: Instagram/Twitter: @mathewchanner.

Joy Saler Drees

Joy Saler Drees is an avid reader and fiction writer, residing in San Diego, California, with her family, cat, and chickens. She fancies reading many genres, particularly literary and speculative fiction with voicey narratives and fresh perspectives. Her most recent works have appeared in Emerge, Litbreak, Permafrost, Rain Taxi, and Yolk. Joy has an MFA in Writing from Pacific University and a BA in English from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She’s a reader for New American Fiction Prize every year,and in the past enjoyed being a reader for Electric Lit and Autumn House Press. Aside from reading and writing, Joy spends her time marveling how fast her two children grow, bicycling around town, and working in respite care.

Charline Poirier

Charline is a London-based writer. She obtained a PhD in anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania and had an international career in technology design.

She has been on the panel of reviewers for The Blue Nib, and is an associate editor for Brilliant Flash Fiction.

Her stories have appeared in Change Seven, Flash Fiction Magazine, Brilliant Flash Fiction, Scarlet Leaf Review, Freedom Fiction, and Commuter Lit. She has penned literary stories, dipped into sci-fi, and spun a few mystery tales. Her flash "Riding the Waves" was nominated for a Pushcart. She is currently working on a novel.

Laura Besley

Laura Besley is the author of two micro fiction collections, (Un)Natural Elements (Beir Bua Press) and 100neHundred(Arachne Press), as well as a flash fiction collection, The Almost Mothers (Dahlia Books). She has been widely published in online journals, print journals and anthologies, including Best Small Fictions, 2021 with her story, "To Cut a Long Story Short." Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best Micro Fiction, and she has been listed by TSS Publishing as one of the top 50 British and Irish Flash Fiction writers with her story "On Repeat," published by Reflex Fiction.

Having lived in the Netherlands, Germany and Hong Kong, she now lives in landlocked central England and misses the sea.

Emily Hoover

Emily Hoover is the author of the novella in stories, Snitch (Wordrunner eChapbooks, 2021), and the poetry chapbook, My Mother as a Serrano Pepper (Zeitgeist Press, 2023). Her poetry, fiction, and reviews have been published by Sundress Publications, The Citron Review, FIVE:2:ONE, BULL, Necessary Fiction, The Los Angeles Review, Ploughshares blog, The Rupture, and others. Her creative works have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions Anthology, and Best Microfiction Anthology, as well as selected as an honorable mention for Madville’s 2019 Runaway Stories Anthology and Cleaver Magazine’s 2022 flash contest. She lives in Las Vegas and is a Lecturer of English at Nevada State University. She also teaches yoga for Las Vegas Athletic Clubs, Henderson Libraries, and the nonprofit organization Yoga Haven. Find her on X and Instagram as @em1lywho.

Regan Puckett

Regan Puckett is a copywriter, fiction writer, and editor from the Ozarks. Her favorite things to do are read and write tiny stories and drink big cups of coffee. As an editor, she loves to read stories that take bold risks with language, structure, or theme.

Her own work has been recognized in various competitions and awards, with nominations for the Pushcart Prize, Best of the Net, and others.

Recent publications can be found at Catapult, Fractured Lit, Cleaver Magazine, and forthcoming in Ninth Letter. She's currently hard at work on her debut novel.

Caterina Alvarez

Caterina Alvarez is a lover of all forms of fiction. She is obsessed with exploring the forms of narration to understand their impact on story after diving deep into the work of Wayne Booth over the last two years. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Los Angeles Review, The Atticus Review, Tiny Molecules, Flash Boulevard, Flash Fiction Magazine, and other online journals. Her piece "Short Division" made the Wig Leaf Top 50 in 2023. She’s currently working on a novel while serving as an associate editor for Thirty West Publishing House and an editor for Flash Fiction Magazine. She received her MA in Communications from the Annenberg School at USC in 2000 and is a longtime member of The Lighthouse Writers Workshop. She lives in Denver, CO, with her husband and children. Find her and her work on X @Caterina445 and Instagram @CaterinaAF.


Success Stories: Join the Ranks of Our Satisfied Writers

"Frankly, I wasn’t expecting much at such a low price point and got much more value than expected. I’ve written very little fiction, and my experiences with writers’ workshops and writers’ groups have been mixed. But —wow, the editor really knows what she’s doing. She pointed out things about my story that I wouldn’t have seen on my own. Her suggestions were substantive, thoughtful, and spot-on."

— Barbara Leary

"Receiving feedback from and editing with Flash Fiction Magazine was the perfect introduction I needed to the editing process. Often, new things get built up in the mind to make it seem like this big scary thing, all for it to be utterly harmless and even enjoyable. I was nervous while hitting that Submit button, and every ounce disappeared when I read the feedback I was provided."

— Dana Daly

"Thank you for such a thoughtful critique. It is far more professional than I ever expected. Your literary acuity not only makes me trust your suggestions, it makes me a little regretful that I didn't seek out similar editing help when I was young. Who knows, maybe then, I could have been a published short story writer."

— Judith Randall

"I truly love my experience with your publication. The writing industry is extremely arrogant and impersonal. You are a breath of fresh air!"

— Mark R. Clifford

"Felt like I was back in grad school, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. My editor provided an excellent critique. Relevant points on structure, narrative arc, and great suggestions. She nailed it when she identified the piece as a "stream of consciousness" and helped me develop a story out of it. It made me feel she really cared. No patronization here. Worth the effort and the money."

— John Bonanni

"I have the utmost respect for your program. FLASH is new to me, so I am learning to conform and succeed in that genre. Thanks to my instructor, we collaborated on concepts and methods to improve my story and make it fit comfortably in the FLASH universe. It is nice to have this talent in my toolbox. My editor was insightful, bright, and kind, with a great deal of clarity in her comments. I feel like I made a new literary friend. Needless to say, I am quite satisfied."

— Thomas Galasso


Writing Community and Critique Group

Not only do you get feedback from our experienced editors, but you also get access to...

The Authors Only Collective Critique Group…

…an exclusive community available only to our dedicated members. This isn't just another group; it's a commitment to your writing journey.

Writing often feels like a solitary pursuit, but with our community, you're part of a collective. Whether you need feedback before submitting to publishers, a motivational boost during moments of frustration, or a platform from which to share and learn publishing experiences, we've got you covered. Together, let's elevate our writing.

Unlock the Power of Collective Creativity with Unlimited Community Critiques

Elevate your storytelling by joining the Authors Only Collective, where the magic lies in the collaborative spirit of passionate writers like yourself. At the heart of our community is the invaluable opportunity to receive unlimited, insightful feedback on your work in progress.

How It Works:

  1. Share Your Story: Post your work in the member's critique group. Our diverse community of writers is here to provide constructive feedback.
  2. Refine Your Craft: Armed with thoughtful insights from your fellow writers, embark on a journey of refinement. Revise and polish your story, turning it into a masterpiece that truly resonates with your intended audience.
  3. Give and Receive: It's not just about receiving feedback; it's about the reciprocal nature of our collective. Dive into the incredible works of your peers, offering your critiques and insights. Through this dynamic exchange, you'll enhance your writing skills and contribute to the community's growth.

Community Member Testimonials

“What a wonderfully supportive and helpful group! When I post a story I know that I will receive honest and useful suggestions that only push me to grow further as a writer.”

—Phebe Jewell

"The group is amazing!! It might sound cheesy, but for the first time in my life I feel like I'm exactly where I was always meant to be, and I finally got a fighting chance in life. As you can see, this kinda means a lot to me. And what's even better is that your magazine, 101 Words, is the first to have published my work and give me the opportunity to believe in myself when everything was stacked against me. So I kinda will remain a faithful follower and participant of 101 Words and Flash Fiction Magazine until the day I die."

—Jake Coetzee

“The greatest advantage to this group is that critiques and comments are kind, and based on what works in the story. I'll add I've never seen a group so into good prose and kind with constructive comments.”

—Edward Kratz

“It's not the everyday writing which builds up the good writing, but receiving feedback. And this group is amazing at providing feedback.”

—Ali Hemati

“Critical but constructive comments are what really help me most and I can easily find them here. On top of that, there are plenty of positive comments and feedback too.”

—David Batteiger

“I've had nothing but the best of learning how to write through this group. I've found nothing but support here and give back as much as I can.”

—Eva Wong Nava

“It's the best decision I've made...a safe supportive place for writers, new or not so new.“

—Susan Wright


Additional Perks

Monthly Ask Us Anything Zoom Calls: Your Access to Expert Insights

Our "Ask Us Anything" Zoom Calls are not just sessions; they're intimate gatherings where you have the unique opportunity to delve into the minds of accomplished professionals, gaining invaluable insights to fuel your writing journey.

Join us every month for a casual and immersive two-hour session on Zoom. This is your chance to pick the brains of seasoned writers and instructors, gaining direct access to their wealth of knowledge and experience. It's not just a Q&A; it's a dynamic dialogue that enriches your understanding of the craft.

Contest Entry Discounts

As a member, enjoy an exclusive $7 discount on every entry in our quarterly contests. With the ability to get your story critiqued before you submit it, you will have a better chance of success!

Virtual Write-Ins

Join a Zoom Write-In hosted by the esteemed Timons Esaias, a cherished friend of the magazine. In these Virtual Write-Ins, authors converge to share their writing goals and bring them to life through dedicated silent writing sessions. Write-ins are available four days a week, Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to noon Eastern. Immerse yourself in a supportive community committed to turning aspirations into accomplishments.

Curated List of Magazines

Delve into a treasure trove of literary opportunities with a curated list of magazines open for submissions, thoughtfully compiled by Timons Esaias. Updated regularly, this invaluable resource includes details like the journal's name, accepted genres, word count criteria, and direct submission links. It's your personalized roadmap to finding the perfect home for your work.


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Elevate your writing with expert feedback and a supportive community. The next step in your journey is just one decision away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my story be published?
We do not guarantee publication. If authors could simply pay a fee to be published, then the quality and credibility of our publication would be at risk. Our goal is to help you become a better writer, so your odds of being published—here or anywhere else—will improve.
How long can each story be?
300-1000 words.
How many stories can I submit?
One story per month.
I have a question.
Ask away: [email protected]

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