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Writing often feels like a solitary pursuit, but with our group, you're part of a collective. Whether you need a motivational boost during moments of frustration or a platform for sharing and learning from publishing experiences, we've got you covered.

Join a community of writers who are not only on the same page but are also genuinely eager to offer support.

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Critique Group

The Authors Only Collective Critique Group…

…an exclusive community available only to our dedicated members. This isn't just another group; it's a commitment to your writing journey.

Writing often feels like a solitary pursuit, but with our community, you're part of a collective. Whether you need feedback before submitting to publishers, a motivational boost during moments of frustration, or a platform from which to share and learn publishing experiences, we've got you covered. Together, let's elevate our writing.

Unlock the Power of Collective Creativity with Unlimited Community Critiques

Elevate your storytelling by joining the Authors Only Collective, where the magic lies in the collaborative spirit of passionate writers like yourself. At the heart of our community is the invaluable opportunity to receive unlimited, insightful feedback on your work in progress.

How It Works:

  1. Share Your Story: Post your work in the member's critique group. Our diverse community of writers is here to provide constructive feedback.
  2. Refine Your Craft: Armed with thoughtful insights from your fellow writers, embark on a journey of refinement. Revise and polish your story, turning it into a masterpiece that truly resonates with your intended audience.
  3. Give and Receive: It's not just about receiving feedback; it's about the reciprocal nature of our collective. Dive into the incredible works of your peers, offering your critiques and insights. Through this dynamic exchange, you'll enhance your writing skills and contribute to the community's growth.

One Hundred Rejections a Year Challenge

Many short story and flash fiction writers set a goal of getting one hundred rejections a year. Some of the editors and instructors at Flash Fiction Magazine do this every year.

Finnian Burnett, an award-winning flash fiction writer and instructor, wrote about their experience in an article titled “A Year of One Hundred Rejections.”

Why would someone do such a thing?

  1. It forces you to write more.
  2. You flip the script on rejection.
  3. You get published more.
  4. Ultimately, you become a more disciplined and experienced writer.

In Finnian's article, they mention, “Connect with other writers who are doing rejection or submission goals and share notes.”

The Authors Only Collective has a space dedicated to this challenge so writers can support and motivate each other.

And we give you the tools you need to get started:

  1. A tracking spreadsheet (if you don't already have one).
  2. Resources for finding places to submit your stories.
  3. A community of writers acting in unison towards the same goal.

Writing Prompts

Are you the kind of person that needs a writing prompt to get the juices flowing?

You are not alone. Many writers love writing prompts, so we built a space just for you.

There is certainly no shortage of writing prompts on the internet, but our prompts are communal.

When we post a prompt, you can discuss it with other writers and develop ideas together. Who knows? Maybe you can even find a writing partner and work on a story together.


Monthly “Ask Us Anything” Zoom Calls

Join us every month for a casual and immersive two-hour session on Zoom. This is your chance to pick the brains of seasoned writers and instructors, gaining direct access to their wealth of knowledge and experience. It's not just a Q&A; it's a dynamic dialogue that enriches your understanding of the craft.

  • Personalized Expert Guidance: Get direct access to the wisdom of accomplished professionals.
  • Networking with Peers: Connect with like-minded individuals, fostering relationships that extend beyond the virtual realm.
  • Focused Advice for Your Writing: Receive tailored advice on everything, from character development to navigating the publishing world.
  • Recorded Sessions: Missed a live call? Access our archive any time to catch up.

Virtual Write-Ins

In these Virtual Write-Ins, authors converge to share their writing goals and bring them to life through dedicated silent writing sessions. Immerse yourself in a supportive community committed to turning aspirations into accomplishments.

Timons Esaias Write-in
Mondays through Thursdays.
10 a.m. - Noon Eastern.

Weekend Warriors
Saturday and Sunday
7:00 - 9:00 a.m. Pacific

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